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Haute Couture in Paris: from the legendary to the unknown.
In Paris Fashion Week ended. Their collections for autumn-winter 2013-2014 presented the world-famous home “Chanel”, “Valentino”, “Versace”. But among the big-name fashion designers were new names. What are they, fashion trends this season.

Start Week Paris Haute Couture fashion house gave the “Versace”. For Italians involved in these fashion shows are always a challenge. In the Paris haute couture syndicate – a kind of union of famous designers – for a long time foreigners are not allowed. And until now, in France they have to constantly prove their status. Fashion designer Donatella Versace is recognized – this year her collection of haute couture – one of the most expensive in the history of the house.

“Glamour of” Versace “developed, experienced evolution. Now this collection I see the image of a woman who exposes herself and hides at the same time” – says Donatella Versace.

Brand “Versace” never skimp on the models. According to rumors, the 90 representatives of the house offered Princess Diana go to the podium for a million pounds – was rejected … Well, this time the highest paid model, apparently, has become a “black panther” – Naomi Campbell. Amid rumors of her breakup with businessman Vladislav Doronin 43-year-old model showed brilliant form in brilliant plumage.

For brands that are not yet able to compete with the “Chanel” or “Versace” Fashion Week – a good reason to draw the attention of the public. In the main program shows not get out, but for a few hundred thousand euros you can organize the show, as they say, “on the margins’ of the Week. Get into Paris so difficult and expensive that, say, the Russian fashion designers could be the last time Ulyana Sergienko – she presented her collection for Fashion Week this winter.

Honored Belgian designer Edouard Vermulen long dress princesses and queens of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. But in Paris – almost unknown.

“For me it is important to be in Paris for Fashion Week. Lots of people have seen so far only isolated my outfits for monarchs, but did not represent my style in general. And now journalists see my handwriting,” – says Edward Vermulen.

Sequins from “Versace” and silk from the “Vermulena” the masses can not afford. But the problems have to please the “gods” of the world of high fashion is not. They support a fashion as art. And think – fashion industry survive the economic downturn.

“We are now like between yesterday and tomorrow, we are at a turning point eras.’s Good that fashion has a chance to move from the old world to the new – in contrast to many other things,” – says the designer, creative director of the house “Chanel” Karl Lagerfeld.

But the French Fashion Institute of sounding the alarm: the demand for clothing in France falls. In the first half of the 2013th he was dropped by four percent, so that the overall outlook for the year disappointing.

While the narrow circle of connoisseurs enjoy the show haute couture, French and ordinary tourists are looking for happiness in the traditional July sales. You bet on accessories. In Parisian department stores say that the demand for them has grown significantly. Bag, belt, bracelet – a good investment to upgrade the old outfit. So connoisseurs of style will find a way to please yourself, regardless of income.

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Jessie J has major fashion fail in pyjama outfit, then shows off bendy legs.

As much as we love onesies when we’re snuggled up on the sofa, incorporating your pyjamas into an outfit is a BIG fashion no no.
Jessie’s white onesie featured a red flower print, and she teamed it with a white leather jacket, red converse trainers and a Mulberry handbag.After strutting around the streets in her PJs, Jessie J then took to the studio.

Despite being in the studio, Jessie didn’t exactly do much singing. Instead, she decided to show her Instagram followers just how bendy she is.

The singer adopted an array of poses which showed her bending her legs into frankly unbelievable positions.She’s a woman of many talents, that one.

Besides major fashion fails, Jessie J, 24, is currently spending time in New York recording her second album. Earlier in the week, Jessie revealed she was recording ‘the most emotional song’ she’d ‘ever written’.In fact, recording got SO emotional that Jessie J actually broke down in tears during the recording session.
We don’t THINK the tears had anything to do with her catching sight of her onesie. Just kidding, Jessie. We love you really.